Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guacamole & Salsa

Guacamole is both mine and Raja s favourite.Whenever we order mexican food,we never fail to order extra guacamole. Now with minimum ingredients i made a superb dip.Yet another recipe by Jason hill:
Avacado - 2
Roma Tomato -1(chopped fine)
Cilantro - small bunch (chopped fine)
Lime -1
Green onion - 3 stalks (chopped fine,only green part)
pickled Jalapenos-2 tsp
Salt & Pepper to taste
1.Cut the avacados and seperate the flesh part into a bowl.

2. Add the tomatoes, cilatro, jalapenos, green onion and lime juice to the avacado and whisk a fork until everything mixes together.

3.Add salt and pepper to taste.

These were the tips given by the chef.

Note: 1.The avacado should be soft to the touch.

2.We can add 1 0r 2 tsp of brine of the jalapeno pickle to the mix.

3.In order to prevent browning of the guacamole,we can bury the seed of the avacado into the guacamole



Tomatoes -4 or canned tomatoes

Cilantro - small bunch

Onion - 1/2 (Chopped)

Cloves - 2 pods

Lime - 1(Extract the juice)

Jalapeno -pickled

Salt to taste

Add everthing and grind in a food processor or blender.I ground it in Indian mixie. So it became very fine mixture.


  1. Delicious dishes..Luks Yummy..Gud Job..Keep Going..All The Best For Your Future trials..

  2. Hi Priya, Thanks for dropping by. Nice dip. I love guacamole.
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